The Privilege Problem


I don’t like the way that Privilege is used in the discussion of equality issues on the Internet. The common usage of Privilege is used as a tool for marginalization, instead of as a keystone for creating a rational approach … Continued


It has been a long time since I posted here. I almost have a baby. It is coming, and soon. He has graduated from Blueberry Danger to “Fruit Bat.” Life continues forward and I continue my grumpy quest for the … Continued

Answers for Team Short


So today I got this via Facebook from one of my cousins in response to the fact that I am having a baby: i told my kids…and they screamed with joy as if i had just told them i was going to … Continued

Let Me Remind You.

credit: † mexico rosel † Let me make this uncomfortably clear: I have strong opinions about cars. If you drive a car you are allowed ZERO mistakes! I’m a driver. I drive a motorcycle and I have driven a variety … Continued

It Languishes


credit: faeryhedgehog I find that I am at a lack for funny things to say. I’ve been building things and working on other projects. Ultimately, I think that my humor the things that I have written here fall into two … Continued

Holy Birth-Scandal Batman

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credit: *eddie I have nothing funny to say about Sarah Palin being brought to task on the clear insanity that she has perpetrated over the last 3 years. Well, maybe, I do have something funny to say: Trig does look … Continued

What Is Your Soul Made Of?


Get this, 63%-90% of humans adhere to a religion so they probably think a human is more than a collection of atom (mostly Oxygen). So, that leaves a very interesting question: What is a soul, and what is it made … Continued

It Happens in the Yard


credit: Tambako the Jaguar Why am I so unenthusiastic about gardening? – Rose Gardening is a contentious subject around my house. I live with two ladies that have very different views of what constitutes a proper garden. One, I’ll call … Continued

Rule CC – Cthulhu

credit: swissrolli It has now been said: Rule CC: If a craft is practiced in the modern era it will have a pattern for Cthulhu. (><) -/|-