What Is Your Soul Made Of?


Get this, 63%-90% of humans adhere to a religion so they probably think a human is more than a collection of atom (mostly Oxygen). So, that leaves a very interesting question: What is a soul, and what is it made of?

A soul, I guess, is that neigh unnameable quantity that separates the thing that we are from the stuff that we are made of. Whether you think that it is ashes and dust or the above linked list of electrons and protons there is still this lingering issue of what resides inside to fuel all of that stuff to be unique, and per-chance divine.

I think the best way to express my thoughts is to tell you a story about my wife.

In my life there is a lot of busyness. I think that whatever SOUL is it only really comes to me in those rare moments of true quite. When the TV and the radio are off, when the dog is calm, when my wife is sitting content (maybe unaware I’m there). That is when it happens, the transcendent moment, when I feel like I can really know her soul. There is a feeling like a bubble has popped; maybe an absence of sorts. Based on the smell I have to assume her soul is made of sardines and hardboild eggs.

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  1. rose

    You’re a jerk.
    I love you.
    <3, your wife

  2. Aline

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