It Languishes


nothing happened
credit: faeryhedgehog

I find that I am at a lack for funny things to say. I’ve been building things and working on other projects. Ultimately, I think that my humor the things that I have written here fall into two major buckets, things that I find funny and things that are too self-referential for anyone to find funny.

I think the thing that is most draining on my energy for this particular endeavor stems from an accident. I was hit by a car, twice. It turns out that it is incredibly painful, I mean so painful that I considered pulling the driver through the window of the car so I could step on them. Have you ever wanted to step on someone? I imagine it is kind of demeaning, like being a dog, or a rug.

Long story short, I’m in pain so frequently that it is hard to be angry enough to be funny. You tell me who should I make fun of?

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  2. Rosi

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