Holy Birth-Scandal Batman

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I have nothing funny to say about Sarah Palin being brought to task on the clear insanity that she has perpetrated over the last 3 years. Well, maybe, I do have something funny to say: Trig does look more like Bristol than Sarah.

Dear Sarah Palin,

Please keep it classy. From now on when you accuse President Obama of being a Kenyan bring both Tripp and Trig’s birth certificates and a picture of you having an ultrasound with on of the 1978 LA Lakers in the room and a copy of Levi Johnston’s Playgirl spread (you know something for the ladies), and, for once, enough bagels for everyone in the press corp.



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  1. Martine

    wow!!! Christina Carroll!!! I have been FB buds with your dad for a year or so, but never found you on there. I hope you & your mom & brother are all doing well. You have an amnziag birth story and gorgeous twins!!! You were always such a beautiful child & young lady growing up! I am so glad to have found you on here!! Congratulations to mother hood! It is challenging at times, but the rewards are worth every second! I hope to catch up with you some day! May God bless you abundantly!! HUGS sweetie!!Kellie


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