Movember Madness

Ten years ago both my dad and grandfather died of cancer. All three of us were born in December. This year to honor their memories and lives I am shaving my much loved beard and participating in Movember. This is … Continued

Little Known Fact About The Oatmeal


Contrary to popular belief The Oatmeal is super friendly and love hugs: If you want a hug from The Oatmeal you should take the image below:

Chasing Bristol Palin

Because so many of you (approximately 30,000) are coming here looking for information and pictures about Bristol Palin I thought I could help you out. Take this survey to find out “How long could you take a warm nap between … Continued

Making A Comedy Album

I have kind of fallen off the grid on this blog, but with good reason. I am making a comedy album! Rose and I are using to raise money to turn the best of this blog, plus unpublished, content … Continued

The Television Made Me Do It


The KFC Double Down has triggered my inner competitive nature. I present The Quadstrocity. If you want to see it in full detail you can watch the Unaltered Quadstrocity it’s 17 Min. After completing this task I had to drink … Continued

Filling In For Google

credit: v i p e z I found this ridiculous image of Google Suggests and thought I should help out. Do men have periods? Yes, of steroidal rage. Does sperm whiten teeth? I don’t know. I need to do further … Continued

From The Google


Yesterday Google sent me the following question “Why don’t women trust?” The simple answer is Bristol Palin. Well, to clarify, I can only really answer why women don’t trust me. The answer to that is Bristol Palin. Tender, thick, dangerous … Continued

Doing It


How are you doing? — My Mom This is an interesting question and heady question. Usually it begins with a sandwich that looks like this: photo credit: Sakurako Kitsa After vigorous chewing the sandwich goo gets stored in a place … Continued