Let Me Remind You.

ashlin in the frontyard
credit: † mexico rosel †

Let me make this uncomfortably clear: I have strong opinions about cars.

If you drive a car you are allowed ZERO mistakes!

I’m a driver. I drive a motorcycle and I have driven a variety of cars and trucks. Let me repeat, if you are driving you are allowed ZERO mistakes. It’s not an accident, it is an incident. An incident that you are responsible for. Take your lumps and pay your fines.

Today I got involved in the comments of an LA Times article that did two things

  1. It outed Las Angeles for not having the ability to prosecute a certain genre of traffic crime.
  2. It gave two people a place to whine about the fact that they paid a fine for breaking the law in a way that endangered the lives of other people.
Before you whine about how you “Barely rolled through that traffic light,” let me remind you that 2000 lbs (your ass ugly car) X 5 miles per hour (7.33 feet per second) = dead kid. Don’t do anything stupid. Are you tired, are you drunk, hell, are you stupid? Don’t get behind the wheel. I promise you the world is a better place without you on the road.
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