Doing It


How are you doing?

— My Mom

This is an interesting question and heady question. Usually it begins with a sandwich that looks like this:

terrified sandwich closeup
Creative Commons License photo credit: Sakurako Kitsa

After vigorous chewing the sandwich goo gets stored in a place I call the belly sac. A strong acid that lives in my belly sac helps break the goo into a number of smaller components that are utilized by mitochondria.

Deutsches Museum
Creative Commons License photo credit: jcalyst

Mitochondria, busy little organelles, use water to form ATP. My muscles convert the ATP into movement in response to impulses from my brain as needed throughout the day.

Then after 8 to 12 hours I strip down naked, bust a grumpy and take a shower– just like an astronaut.

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  1. Mom

    You obviously gave this some deep thought. Your response shows insight and candor.

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